Séjour santé-détox à l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue


We invite you to share our passion for "vegetable juice with juice extractor" and living food.

Take advantage of your stay to discover the abundance of benefits of a rapid detox.

Our juices are made with seasonal fruits and vegetables, organic, sustainable or local culture and depending on Patrick's market, they are made at home using a juice extractor.

Cold and slow pressing provides you with the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

The freshly extracted juice will be fresh in your apartment (500ml) 8 €.


 Home care

"I take care of myself... "

1 Naturo consultation + 500 ml of organic vegetable juice + hydrosol carafe Price: 80 €.


"A cocooning afternoon"

1 session of Access Consciouness to relax the mind + 1 session of "chi machine" to relax the body + Vegetable hot chocolate or herbal tea with essential oils or a vegetable juice Price: 90 €.


"A day" wellness and plant detox coaching "

Breathing practice, diet, elimination, positive thinking, meditation, learning about essential oils and specific aromatic waters. The influence of Bach flowers on the mind, great practical tips for gaining well-being and joie de vivre. Personalized naturo-aroma advice, fresh vegetable juice, fruit cure, aromatic water bar, energy treatment, "chi-machine", meditation, lots of exchange and sweetness. Price: 150 €.




TESTIMONY from MC (August 2019): An irrepressible desire to discover one day L'isle sur la Sorgue led me this year to offer me a break of 3 days at the guesthouse "a corner of luberon", l 'central location, the independent apartment formula furnished with taste and the discreet mention of the juices and massages of Stéphanie, the hostess, had guided my choice. During Patrick's warm and very simple welcome, I asked him how I could order 1 or 2 juices during my stay. This is how I met Stéphanie, with a vegetable juice in my hand. After a few minutes of discussion, I felt confident and scheduled an Access Consciousness massage for the next day, an experience the benefits of which I still experience. Stéphanie transmitted to me in parallel the basics of living food that I discovered. From these 3 days, I felt a distance on things, a greater presence at each moment. Immediately, Stéphanie's approach, her reassuring "non-radical" advice made me want to try this new way of eating. The benefits that I have felt for 10 days encourage me to change my diet in the sense ... A big thank you to Stéphanie for this gentle introduction.


TESTIMONY from P: Ohhh dear Stéphanie, I am very touched, a thousand thanks !!! What a joy to have you in my life! Good advice .... Take good care of yourself, Best regards from Hong Kong.


TESTIMONY from A: Thank you for the consultation and your plan received by email because it retraces all the elements discussed during the consultation; that makes a good roadmap. Many thanks for the additional documents; it is very informative, useful and necessary. I renew my thanks to you for this consultation with which I am very satisfied. Likewise, I am satisfied to be accompanied by you; with a food transition educator by my side, I will win my change process.